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Miracle Fruit

 At the MiracleFruitHut we are dedicated in supplying you the highest quality miracle fruit products (Miraculin / Synsepalum Dulcificum) at the lowest possible rates. We pride ourselves on keeping a consistent full stock even in peak seasons, while offering the most organic high quality miracle fruit products available online so that our customers reap the benefits. Each miracle fruit tree is grown without the use of pesticides, fungicides or herbicides of any kind. Exclusive to us is our Superior Soil Mix tested with proven results over a long period of time, Our plants also contain this excellent soil mix from which they flower and thrive beautifully and our Miracle Frootie Miracle Fruit Tablets are the only on the market to not contain corn starch and that are ISO Certified!

We are very quick and attentive to Deliver our products especially for our Miracle Fruit Tablets (Miracle Frooties) shipped worldwide as the variety of Offices we have in locations worldwide makes it possible for us to decrease shipping times and guarentee no extra customs or shipping charges for our International customers and clientele.


Miracle Berry

Miracle Fruit Can't Get Any Fresher Than This!

Growing your own Miracle Fruit Plants (Synsepalum Dulcificum) is easy. They steadily grow, take little effort to cultivate and thrive in a potted environment. Owning Your own Miracle Fruit Plant will supply you with a steady stream of Fresh Miracle Berries for many years to come to Amaze all Your Friends and Family by This Unique Exotic Plant and its Special Little Red Miracle Berries! Order Your Miracle Berry Plant Now and own this Exquisite Tropical plant!

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Loved it, i couldn't stop eating lemons and limes. I was literally delving into anything i could find in my house to see how it tasted with the miracle berry. Thanks miracle fruit hut this was a must try experience as foodies!" - Claire Thompson, Miami

I just had my first experience within the past 30 minutes. It was possibly life changing. I've never eaten so much fruit in one sitting.The strawberries produced an almost religious experience. I thought, if heaven existed, angels give you these as part of their welcoming. My balsamic vinegar tasted syrupy. I just tried the most bitter thing I have -- Lindt 99% chocolate. It tasted more like brownies.This berry could kill the sugar industry." - RodCornHolio (Youtube) 

The lemon and lime slices were like tart candy, the lemon juice was pleasant to drink on its own, and the strawberries brought me back to the ones covered in confectioner’s sugar I used to eat as a kid. I couldn’t get enough of them." - Jacob Grier, Food Critic


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